The early bird or night owl dilemma

How do you decide whether you’re a productive early bird or a get it done night owl? And does it matter?

We've all heard people describe themselves as an early bird or a night owl. Some people know exactly which they are. They know they'll wake up at 6am, get the coffee brewing and be able to work away without yawning every couple of minutes. Other people are the opposite. They'd rather sleep in until the last possible minute. Throw on some clothes and get to the office with seconds to spare. But when it comes to evening time, their mind will be racing with incredible ideas and they'll output their best work late at night. 

I feel like I fall somewhere in the middle of this spectrum. I'm fine getting up at stupid o'clock to get to work really early. I'll create awesome work while I'm in the office, and then I'll get home and be able to work away right into the evening creating content and products for Yarns and whoever else wants things. 

For me, it raises questions around productivity. The typical 9 to 5 job. Is everyone cut out for that? I think it's awesome that plenty of workplaces are jumping onto the concept of flexi hours. I personally work from 7.30am til about 4.30pm (depending on lunch breaks, etc), and I love the freedom it gives me to work and produce great outputs early in the morning, while also giving me the flexibility to get home slightly earlier and achieve things in my personal life as well. 

Imagine if everyone was free to work when it suits them. I reckon there'd be so much more amazing, creative outputs being produced. As technology evolves, and the ability to work from anywhere at any time becomes more accessible, I'm so excited to see how we foster the characteristics of early birds and night owls. 

What are you? Are you clearly one or the other, or are you a bit of both?

Lara WyattLara's Life