Mum to the rescue: Decluttering my life

Today I brought in the big guns. Over the last few months I've started to realise that I have way too many things in my wardrobe and my stockroom. I've tried to chip away at getting rid of things — especially since Yarns' direction has changed and I no longer sell preloved clothing — but I just wasn't ruthless enough.

So last weekend I text my mum. All I said was: Mum, I'm overwhelmed and I don't know how to declutter my life. She text back: I'll be there Saturday. So 9am rolled around and mum showed up with a huge pile of black sacks and immediately got stuck into getting rid of so much of the physical items that have been clouding my brain.

My wardrobe has a single bar that hangs from the roof where I hang all my dresses and jackets, and then in a shelving unit I have a bunch of black boxes filled with shirts and pants, etc. All of those areas had been jam packed with stuff and it got to the point where I struggled to even get into my wardrobe. But mum was absolutely ruthless and if I hesitated about wanting to keep something, in the opshop bag it went. 

By the end of the day, my wardrobe was completely decluttered, my office's desk is now habitable again, and my stock room is clear of all the preloved items I've decided not to sell. And a weight has lifted. I did have a moment of being emotional when I was putting my shoes on to help carry the bags to the car for mum to take to the opshop. But apart from that, I just feel so free and light and ready to crack into the new Yarns world!

So, thanks mum for coming around and saving me from a cluttered world meltdown. I'm super lucky to have someone who will come around with no hesitation and give me a hand when things get too much.

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