Pleasuredome: The night I brought out all my best moves


For a long time now, I've been saying to Zak that I felt like going out dancing. However, with our chaotic schedules, getting ourselves into town for a boogie isn't really ever on the cards. But then a couple of people I know mentioned Pleasuredome, and what an amazing time they'd had.

It doesn't take much convincing for me to be sold on going to a musical experience, so I was pretty much sold as soon as they said, I went to this show called Pleasuredome. I text Zak straight away asking if we should go, to which I got the very predictable response of, "Sounds kinky." So we booked tickets for the following day — a Saturday — and off we went to Avondale.

The musical has taken over what looks to be a massive industrial warehouse. Once you get inside the front doors, and then get a drink, and then quickly take a cheeky selfie in front of the New York backdrop, you'll be ushered into what looks like a subway! And then the most amazing thing happens. You end up in New York!


I'm not even kidding, there's a full on New York street in there, with hot dog carts, bars, magicians on the sidewalk, police roaming, hip hop dancers performing on the kerb, and guitar players busking. It's incredible! There are even random puddles all over the place and steam rising from the gutters!

I just kept on remarking about how amazing it was — and at that point I'd only had one wine, so it truly, soberly is amazing. But then it gets even better. Because I wanted to dance, I booked us the standing tickets. Funnily enough, these also happened to be the cheapest tickets, but I swear I wouldn't be anywhere else! You're right there in amongst it all, and you can dance your butt off. The coolest thing was Zak recognising one of the performers that we knew from our local theatre and pointing her out to me. I was so excited to see her doing her thing! So cool!!


A few more wines were consumed, and my best moves came out — you know, the ones you usually reserve for the Saturday morning housework dance routine? Yup, they all came out and I couldn't care less. I felt like I was 18 again! It also helps that Zak never leaves me dancing on my own and was right there next to me busting a move! Also, turns out I'm still quite the lady after a few wines — check out that pinky in the photo above!

Pleasuredome is so fricken cool, and you have a wee while to get along. But I wouldn't leave it too late, because I am certain sales are going to sell so quickly! We're already planning when we will be able to head along again! Check it out for yourself!

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