Wellington rejuvenates the inner creative


Over the last week, Zak and I have been exploring Wellington. We've driven around beautiful coastal areas, we've walked through reserves, we've eaten way too much food, and we've had some very serious history lessons (I stood within reach of the Women's Suffrage Petition - pinch me). 

Something I wasn't planning on happening while I was down here was having my inner creative come bubbling to the surface, literally screaming, "Here I am! I've been suppressed. Let me out, let me out!" But here we are. All the beautiful murals on every potentially ugly surface. All the pokey book shops. The 3am cake and coffee cafes. The National Library and Te Papa. And family run cafes out in the middle of nowhere. I'm completely ready to let my creativeness out and explore every facet I let my mind wander to.

It probably helps that while I've been down here I've been reading John Tusa's Pain in the Arts, which sees him explaining why the arts are worth speaking up for, and why they always need special treatment. It's so easy to see in Wellington how the arts really do make things excellent. On every corner (and everywhere in between), there's artistic expression, making you stop and do a double take. It beautifies and it unites — two fundamentals when solidifying communities. 

It's taken me a long time to acknowledge that my writing, my interest in theatre, my appreciation of artwork, and my strive to constantly be making something, does in fact make me a creative. I think if everyone thought about it, they'd all discover that they have a creative bone in their body too. There's just something about the arts that makes people a bit more sentimental, a touch more emotional, and broadens their experience of the world around them, teaching new lessons along the way. 

I'd hate to live in a world without art, and Wellington has reminded me that it only takes a few days of immersion to remind yourself that it's always locked up inside you, sometimes you just have to let yourself breathe to let it out.

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