Change of seasons: when winter becomes spring

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The change of season between winter and spring is my favourite. There's something magical about the lighter evenings, and even the cool and light mornings. When it's time to bundle up the winter coats and tuck them away into storage for another winter day. Spring, to me, brings with it the beginning of all the exciting parts of the year: all of my family's birthdays, my birthday, christmas, summer holidays! It's all packed into the last few months of the year.

Now that we're starting to see some of the sunshine, I'm getting even more excited. Take last night for example. Zak and I were home early enough to be able to see some daylight hours together, so we decided we'd go out for dinner. Zak works like crazy, and I only really see him when it's still light during the weekends! So having a couple of extra daylight hours together last night was a novelty, and definitely something that wouldn't happen if it hadn't been for daylight saving. 

Spring also brings with it the chance to open up the windows and get rid of all the dust and cobweb residue that winter left behind. It's time for a fresh start! I've done only the first bit in terms of clearing out all the clothes I don't wear any more. Zak and my stepdad have cleaned the outside of the house, and Zak's got the garden flourishing, but there's still plenty more to be done, which we'll chip away at over the next few weekends.

I'm so excited to see what this spring brings, and to tell you about my springtime adventures! Let's go!


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