Jumping in the deep end: creating my dream job

Being able to say that I'm comfortable is a privilege. I wake up every day to a roof over my head, more than enough food is available, and I have a job that keeps me occupied and challenges me constantly. However, I'm about to jump right in the deep end and try something that is really going to put me out of my comfort zone. I'm going to freelance.

Over the past four years I have always had a full-time job (or a full-time job and a casual job) on the go at all times. The last three years have especially allowed me to gain a great amount of experience in an industry I studied to be in. I applied for a role that had nothing to do with what I studied, got an interview, and ended up in a newly created role that lined up with everything I had studied, and was an excellent starting platform. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to expand my knowledge through so many facets. Assisting in building and managing websites, facilitating website maintenance, creating content (native advertising, feature articles, news items, blog posts — you name it, I've done it), subbing, proofing, social media management, digital strategy planning, editing (print and digital titles), an element of marketing when working on seasonal campaigns, plus so much more it's nearly impossible to remember it all! I've been able to add a huge amount of ‘can-dos’ to my arsenal and I'm very grateful that I had this opportunity.

I'm now ready to take the leap and do my own thing, creating that work-life balance that people say is impossible, but I am absolutely certain is out there. I'm marketing myself as a ‘Jill of all trades’. I feel confident in my abilities (in the above areas, as well as plenty more), so am keen to hear from you if you think you have any work you'd like me to do — short-term, long-term, one day a week, one day a month, I'm keen!

If you're keen to sound some ideas out, or want more information about my experience and skills, just drop me a line at yarns.co.nz@gmail.com, and let's talk!