There's no doubt I love No Doubt

I remember in high school (a long time after the inception of No Doubt all the way back in 1986), a friend and I did a three-day singing course of some description. We had to rehearse a song to sing together, and we chose No Doubt’s Don’t Speak. I’m a pretty shy person when it comes to getting up and singing in front of people, so I was surprised at the fact that I was less nervous and more super stoked that I was about to sing that particular song. I loved it and had so much fun — such a great song to express your teenage angst right?

However, it wasn’t until just a few days ago when The Edge TV was playing some No Doubt special that I truly realised how deep my love for No Doubt’s music actually ran. They were playing banger after banger after banger, and I was having the time of my life dancing and singing away while peeling spuds and chopping tomatoes.

I think it was probably around the 2003 mark that I really started to listen to No Doubt’s music — that was about the time that It’s My Life was released. This was around the intermediate stage of my education, where you’re starting to get frustrated with your parents not letting you go to the mall with your friends, so obviously It’s My Life really spoke to me in terms of gaining control over myself, because god mum I’m 12 and I can do whatever I want! However, as all intrigued music lovers do, I travelled back in time and listened to their previous creations and was introduced to such pearlers as Bathwater, Don’t Speak (clearly), Just A Girl, and plenty more — I haven’t actually ventured back to the days when John Spence was the lead singer, with Gwen Stefani as the co-lead. I do still need to do that, but it feels a little funny when I’ve always associated No Doubt with Gwen Stefani’s serious badassery! Gotta say I am very fond of Gwen. Lead singer (that voice, right!?), fashion designer (and did you know she made most of the clothing she wore when performing with No Doubt?), helped produce an animated series, perfume and accessories creator, mum — Stefani does it all. Seriously, if I had to choose a celebrity role model for my hypothetical little girl, I’d be pretty stoked if my kid looked up to Stefani!

In celebration of my rekindled love for No Doubt, here’s a few videos from years gone by! Enjoy!