Imagine being kidnapped for eleven hours ... while you're pregnant!

Not quite the lighthearted summer reads I usually find myself drawn to during the holiday season, Eleven Hours by Paullina Simons had me devouring as much of the book as I could at any chance I could. In fact, there were a few nights there where I stayed up far longer than I should have just to squeeze out a bit more of the storyline before I drifted off to sleep. 


Didi Wood, who is nine months pregnant, is shopping prior to meeting her husband for lunch. She is followed out to her car by a man and kidnapped in the shopping mall car park, and then what follows are 11 hours of terror. It's one of those books that really keeps you guessing and in a state of suspense that is very uncomfortable for me as a reader. But I really enjoyed the story, the emotions that the author generated in me as I was reading what was going on on Didi's side of things, and what was going on on her husband's side of things.

I'm a recent Paullina Simons convert and recently went out and purchased practically every book she's written, so I've got plenty of Paullina Simons reviews up my sleeve to share with you soon. Eleven Hours was a completely different concept to The Girl In Times Square, which I reviewed previously. The level of research that went into these novels is evident, as all of the twists and turns are thoroughly thought out with excellent connections that draw on information already presented to you earlier in the story. Eleven Hours was one of those horrible situations you read about that absolutely draws you into the world of the characters involved and takes you on a hugely eventful journey that leaves you panting for air at the end.

I thoroughly recommend this book! Grab your copy here now.