Discovering World Organic

Recently, my step sister started working as a consultant for World Organic, and having come to the end of my minimal make up supply — seriously, I'm a foundation, eyeliner, and mascara kind of gal — I thought I'd have a look at the products she had on offer. 

After a brief look at the World Organics website — jokes, I was on there for at least an hour — I learnt that the majority of the products in the World Organics range are vegan, except for the lipstick, lip gloss, blush, mascara, one of the SPF 30+, and one of the lip balms, because they contain beeswax. I'd bought a lipstick, so my entire order wasn't completely vegan as I had suggested in my unpacking video, but they were all made using organic ingredients. 

My skin is super sensitive, and even products designed for sensitive skin can cause flare ups, so I'm always a little hesitant in trying new products — especially right before work. However, I was so excited about my new range of make up that I couldn't stop myself from applying them all before I headed off to the office.


My order consisted of: a Sahara lipstick, a Shell foundation powder, a Bamboo eyeshadow, and a Lunar primer — I also received a River Veda Evening Primrose moisturiser as a free gift thanks to my need to restock my entire make up supply. 

So, Wednesday morning rolled around and I first applied the primer to my face. Smelt citrusy — which I wasn't expecting, but loved all the same — and my skin was left feeling smooth and silky. I almost contemplated leaving it at that, but I really wanted to see what the rest were like, so on went my usual Natio foundation (which is almost running out, so World Organics, watch out, I may be back sooner than expected), and then I applied the foundation powder. You don't need much for full coverage — it's super lightweight and my face didn't feel like it was going to break if I made any facial expressions during the day. I have plenty of love for this item. I followed this up with applying some of the Bamboo eyeshadow (not very well considering I have lost my eyeshadow brush somewhere...), and I then used my usual eyeliner and mascara. A quick application of the lippy and I was good to do. And here's the result: 


A real super natural look that I felt comfortable wearing all day — I took all the bits and pieces should I need to reapply during the day, but all I needed to touch up was the lipstick after I'd had my morning coffee. I definitely rate the World Organic range, and I'm very keen to explore its various other offerings soon!