The knitting obsession

It seems to happen near the beginning of every winter: I turn into a complete nana. Since we’ve moved into our new house, which was only two weeks ago, I’ve been rugged up in layers of jumpers and blankets, and Zak’s had the fire going as often as we can — the only downside to living in a 100-year-old-plus villa is that it’s freezing. And along with all those layers and fires, I’ve been knitting. Non-stop.

I usually start knitting to keep my hands from freezing — keeping them moving seems to be good for the circulation, and with my Raynaud’s Syndrome it’s pretty essential to not let the blood get all caught up in my hands otherwise they’ll go a nice shade of purple, which really doesn’t complement any colours of nail polish that I want to wear.


Anyway, back to the knitting. Over the past two years I’ve managed to actually find a use for all this knitting that I’ve been doing — I’ve moved on from just knitting up squares and putting them aside and never using them again. I’ve started to create some beautiful accessories that people are actually buying through Yarns: The Shop! I’ve made two different types of beanies, a headband that keeps your ears warm, and I’ve started a project of making knitted coasters for your dining table. I have plenty more projects in mind, but I just need to get some TV time to crack out the needles!

There’s just something about the craft that is super relaxing and also incredibly rewarding when you see a project you’ve been working on for a few days or weeks eventuate and turn into something you can use or wear. My next goal is to pick up a few more knitting skills, like using circular needles, so I can start making some gloves and keep these hands warm during the rest of the winter months!