The INFJ personality type

Recently I’ve been reflecting on how I’ve changed over the last four (!!) years of my working life. So far all I can really tell is that I’m a little less shy, I know where I am wanting to go, and I roll my eyes far more often than I did when I was freshly graduated.

When I first started at my current job (when I was 21), I had to take a Myers-Brigg personality test — I’d taken a similar test before for a previous boss, because she wanted to hire someone like me when I moved on from that job, and basing people on their personality-test results can actually be incredibly correct.

So both times now I’ve come out the other end of the test with the result of having an INFJ personality. According to the results, INFJs make up less than one per cent of the population, which is crazy considering there are at least two of us at my work at the moment. We’re described as soft-spoken, but we have strong opinions — of which we will stand up for when the need arises. I definitely agree with that — I’m still pretty shy, but I have very strong ideas and beliefs, and I will 100% stand up for them if I feel like they’re being challenged.

In the same description the term ‘quiet extroverts’ is used. I can also relate to that in the way that I’m not going to get up and start performing interpretive dancing routines in the office, but I definitely can be outspoken once I get to know people. However, I very much do like (and need) my quiet time, where I can shut the office door and write in peace. Without this time out, INFJs can end up getting pretty stretched beyond their limits, resulting in them being very tired, stressed, and ultimately unhealthy. I absolutely find this happening in my life. I mean if you’ve read my psoriasis post then you’ll see how stressed out I can get myself.

Finally, the idea of conflict or confrontation terrifies me. I hate my work being judged or criticised, and I get very, very snippy if I ever experience this criticism. I’m very aware of how sensitive I am — something I have worked to create a bit of a wall for in regards to my work. I don’t get upset in the same way as I used to (i.e. having a cry if someone didn’t like something I was doing). These days I tend to fight back quite a bit, in relatively ineffective ways at times (i.e. the eye rolling).

It’s said that it can be a challenge getting to know an INFJ personality and becoming friends with us — and I can understand that as I do look around myself at times and wonder where my friends are. I’m pretty sure it’s not because I’m an awful person that no one wants to be around — I think it’s more to do with the fact that I generally don’t go and share EVERYTHING about my life with someone I’ve only met once before. Unless it’s Twitter — then you get a bit more of an insight into the daily grind my brain gets put through.

So, to sum it all up — I don’t think I’ve made any major changes to my personality in the last four years. Just a bit of growing up and getting stronger in my beliefs and being able to stick up for myself more when needed — but there’s nothing wrong with that at all.

Any other INFJs out there? If not, what are you?