The dress that caused the drama

It would appear that I can’t go anywhere alone without some sort of weirdo deciding to aim at me with their crazy. Over the weekend I ventured into the city to find a dress for Briar’s 21st birthday, and since Zak was working (lucky escape!), I went by myself. This was probably good because it took a lot longer than I expected (three whole hours!!) so there was only me whinging to myself about my blisters and how hungry I was instead of two of us!

First of all I headed to Topshop to find the dress I had my heart set on from searching their website, but alas, it was nowhere to be seen, which was also a blessing in disguise as it saved me a solid $400 … I did find my second choice however, and tried that on. After I had a mini meltdown that everything was perfect except for the top part, and put it back on the shelf, I ventured on from Topshop and found myself in Smith & Caugheys. I am aware that this sounds like I am going against all I stand for in terms of recycled clothing (but that’s coming soon, I promise). Smith & Caugheys didn’t really do anything for me surprisingly, except for one dress that was a good $700 so wasn’t even kind of on my potential list. So I left there pretty quick too.

I thought I might as well drop into Recycle Boutique while I was in the city, considering that was where I found my 21st dress, and all of the dresses that I have bought to wear at weddings over the last couple of seasons. And success, I found a Topshop dress (funny that) for $30 that fit perfectly and is so pretty. I spent a good 10 minutes in the changing rooms trying on a few other things then started to head over to the counter to make my purchases. And that was when the drama unfolded.

“That’s my dress, I put that on hold,” said a lady rushing towards me grabbing at my dress in my arms.

I just laughed, because I thought she was having a laugh and started to hand the dress over to the girl at the counter, who also had a little bit of a laugh.

“No, that’s mine! I put that on hold yesterday. Tell her! Tell her I put that on hold yesterday!”

I’d finally clicked that this woman was trying to steal my dress. Usually I’d just give it over because me and confrontation are not at all good together. But I’d just spent three hours looking for this dress, my blisters hurt like hell, and I just wanted to go home, so that dress was not leaving my sight.

The lady proceeded to grab at the dress, looking at the label, the price tag, and shortly there were three shop attendants trying to solve the problem — I had still not said a single word.

After a bit of to and fro between the shop assistants and the crazy lady (I’m still silent as a mouse), it was decided the lady was insane, the dress had never been on hold, she was trying to score a bargain, and I was able to purchase the dress. And so I smiled, said thank you, and handed over the dress to the shop assistant who apologised so many times (which was unnecessary because crazy people will always be crazy).

Nutso stood next to me the entire time I put through the transaction (I had to shelter my pin from her), and then as the lady handed over the bag I quickly grabbed it and moved it away from her before she could grab at it.

Briar used to work at Recycle Boutique so I quickly called her to ask her if that had ever happened to her before and she said no, she had never heard of that happening … so clearly I attract the absolute lunatics in society and I should never be left to go shopping alone again.

Want to avoid horrendous experiences like this but still want gorgeous preloved (and affordable!) clothing — shop from Yarns: The Shop. I really should have just done that myself …