My skin saviour


My skin is so super sensitive it’s beyond ridiculous. I’ve tried literally every type of skincare product known to mankind to try to discover something that will wash my face without nigh-on ripping my skin to pieces. I’d even become immune to so-called natural skincare products that I was purchasing from the supermarket. My skin just likes to torment me.

Recently I was hanging out with my sister, who is a major advocate for all things natural, eco-friendly, animal-cruelty free, and all things that are good in the world. We were waiting for a movie to start and the only shop that we wanted to step foot into was Lush. I needed new Dirty body wash so it was the perfect destination. We wandered around the store, picking up everything (I mean EVERYTHING) to have a sniff and a trial, and then we found ourselves in the skincare section. Now, I’m always a little nervous trying new products because I never know how my skin is going to react, but the loveliest shop assistant on the face of the earth took me under her wing and asked me an abundance of questions to make sure she was giving me the right advice. Once she’d got my skin type down pat, which I don’t think I can even explain because it’s so temperamental, she got busy pulling test packs after test packs off the shelves and sat me down next to a basin of warm water.

“Close your eyes,” she said. I did.

“Put both of your hands out.” I did.

She tested product after product, making me sniff and feel each one after she had applied it to my hands. I instantly fell in love with the Ultrabland facial cleanser and the Celestial facial moisturiser. Usually I’d feel a little duped in an everyday situation if I got sat down and tested on and then found myself walking out with a bag of product I never really intended on buying. But when I left Lush that day with my brand-new face regime, I’m telling you right now, I wanted to skip that movie and go straight home to wash my face.

When I finally got home to carry out the routine, I swear I heard my pores breathe a sigh of relief. My skin felt so light and clean. When I woke up in the morning my skin was literally glowing. I put my make up over the moisturiser and it felt like I wasn’t even wearing it. This is one of my big pet peeves about make up, the fact that I can literally feel it seeping into my pores and weighing my face down. I hate that caked-on-make-up feeling, and the look, and because of the skincare regime I had started, that horrid feeling was gone!

I can tell you right now, I’ve been using these products for a week now and my skin is literally perfect! If you have incredibly sensitive skin like me, I highly recommend that you get to your nearest Lush store and stock up. I’m actually considering getting rid of my make up because I am so happy with my skin. Actually … perhaps that’s a challenge to revisit … I’ll keep you posted!!