Lush's The Comforter

I’m one of those people that when I fall in love with a product it is very difficult to sway me from that decision. So when we’d run out of Lush’s Dirty Springwash shower gel we made the trip to Lush to go and purchase some more. But once we got there, I did the usual sniff test of every single product in the store and found myself coming back to a shower cream that I had never used before. Dirty Springwash was being replaced (well for this round of showers anyway).


In my hand was the shimmering beauty that is The Comforter. Described as a ‘cuddle in a bottle’, this cream is absolutely divine. It smells like berries (blackcurrant), and it looks like it has a hint of glitter in it, so of course my inner magpie just had to have it. It reminds me of the smell of bubble baths from when I was a little kid.

We went to Waikaraka Park Speedway on the day that we bought The Comforter, and after an evening of being covered in clay and dust from the races, it was absolutely perfect to come home to a shower filled with the aroma of berries and vanilla. It brought the energy back from crazy demolition derbies to calm and centred. For me personally, it seems to bring back a sense of calm, preparing me for a bit of a busy day, whether that’s a hectic day at work, or a day of cleaning the house and catching up on my book.

If you’re after a shower cream that’s heavenly and isn’t tested on animals — also vegans, don’t be put off by the word cream, this is all good for you too — then head to your nearest Lush and grab yourself a BIG bottle!