Honeywrap is the bees knees!


If you haven't already heard about Honeywrap you must have been living under a rock, as they're the most beautiful and environmentally friendly way to keep your food fresh in the fridge or transport it between work and home. They were already super stunning, but they've recently teamed up with Hayley King (aka Flox), and she has designed a range of limited-edition, nature-inspired wraps for Honeywrap's summer series — and I'm a fan.

Flox's designs feature stencil-look birds, Christmas reds and greens, as well as plenty of earthy tones, and they'll be a great addition to your picnic hamper that you take with you to the beach.

As well as being beautiful, Honeywrap is also an absolutely wonderful alternative to pesky cling wrap, which is a completely unnecessary use of single-use plastic. The wraps are made using 100-per-cent organic cotton, beeswax, and other natural preservatives. You can use your Honeywrap for up to a year (just give them a rinse in cold water with a bit of mild soap), and then it can simply be disposed of in your compost bin (do you have one? Let me know!). Fun fact: each Honeywrap saves around 75 metres of plastic from ending up in landfill or in the ocean — and that's based on taking it in your lunch every day for the year.


Since the Flox-designed range is a limited-edition range, there have only been 2000 wraps made and the easiest way to secure yours is to head to honeywrap.co.nz. And oh my goodness, they smell absolutely divine — I've spent a lot of time just inhaling the honey-scented sweetness!