Breaking up with the pill: part one

First of all, there may be some of you out there who think this is a bit of a taboo topic of conversation. Well, see if you can look past that and realise how important it is for women to be able to acknowledge when something is not right for them and say no.

OK, lecture over. Here's my story.

For the last nearly four years I have had an absolute love-hate relationship with the contraceptive pill. Yay, no babies, but holy hell my body has been through a bit of a tumultuous time. Yup, I got the lovely weight gain that's often mentioned (not a hell of a lot, but I definitely noticed my tight jeans getting even tighter), ridiculous headaches, my mood was out of control, and the terrifying missed periods (because you just automatically think you're pregnant right??).

So, recently I decided that this is not how I want to feel constantly, and it's time that my body gets back to it's pre–birth control state. Over the next few months I'll be checking in once a week to give a bit of an update on how I react to a sudden removal of crazy hormones into my daily routine. I don't claim to have any form of medical knowledge other than about whatever I am going through and have talked to my doctor before, so don't use my experience as medical gospel. But do let me know if you're going through a similar experience and have been toying with the idea of going back to ‘normal’.

Hello, World!

Week one

Just knowing that those added hormones aren't being topped up daily is making me feel better. At the moment I know it's all in my head that I'm feeling better as my body has had no chance at all to realise that I have made a change. But I really do think your way of thinking can help you out physically sometimes. 

Who knows, this may be a super short series and I may not feel any better or any worse for removing the pill from my life. But the opportunity to open the lines of communication around birth control and how the experience can be different for everyone was one I didn't want to miss. So let me know, if you feel comfortable to, in the comments about your experience!