An absolute emotional rollercoaster: The Girl in Times Square

As you will have seen by the series of previous book reviews I have pieced together, I don't restrict myself to reading only the latest release books. Sometimes I drift back into the early 2000s, sometimes even further back in the day. I like to read anything and everything that captures my attention, and The Girl in Times Square by Paullina Simons is one of those books that just launched itself at me from the shelves of a Huntly opshop.

I've tried to read one other of Paullina Simons' books a long time ago — back in high school actually — and I think the sheer size of the book put me off. However, this book was equally as large — with exactly 600 pages to its name — however, I literally flew through this book in just over a couple of weeks. I think I need to hunt out that other book now and give it another go.

The Girl in Times Square follows Lily Quinn through an initial rough patch featuring a relationship break-up, problems finishing college and paying her rent, and then her best friend and room mate disappears. And then soooo many things happen to Lily, both good and bad, that it's absolutely unbelievable how seamlessly Simons has intertwined all of the components without giving you information overload.

I didn't even realise how complex the storyline was until I was trying to recount it to my partner Zak, and he just asked, “But has it been done well, or is it all chaotic?” And I thought about it, and all of the story's elements and characters and happenings have been incorporated so well. All of the characters have their own very unique, well-detailed personalities that evolve throughout the book, and you even find yourself picturing every location very vividly when you're reading the story. 

Thanks to my regular public transport usage these days, I got to spend a lot of time in the mornings and evenings reading this book. This is possibly part of the reason why I got through it so quickly, however, I recommend that you don't finish this book while you're on the train. The tumultuous ride that this book takes you on will leave you in a bit of a state, and if you're anything like me, you'll find yourself unsuccessfully fighting off tears in the middle of a crowded carriage.

This book is 100% a book to add to your summer reading list!