Guess who's back? Psoriasis round two (million)


Are you one of those people who loves washing their hair every single day with a coal tar–based shampoo, with the result being straw-like, untameable hair. Or maybe you're the type of person who loves lathering themselves up in sticky gel and oily moisturiser, only for it to get all through their just-cleaned hair, making it greasy and disgusting. If you really enjoy wearing crappy clothes so you don't get ointment and moisturiser all over your good clothes, and if you really love a series of bright red, itchy, and scaly marks ringing themselves around your neck, then psoriasis is definitely for you.

The last four days has seen a repeat performance of last year's horrendous psoriasis outbreak. It seems to be happening around the same time every year, and the only thing I can attribute it to is the increased amount of stress I end up experiencing at this time of the year with way too many workloads on my plate. This time around I actually took some time out to recover. On Friday morning I was absolutely miserable at work, with my neck burning like hell, barely able to lift my head for the pain around my neck. I ended up packing up and heading home early, and for the weekend and Monday it was all about staying calm and recovering. With my psoriasis, it tends to be a bit of a vicious cycle; I get stressed at work and the psoriasis appears, and then I get stressed about having it, and it just gets worse. Instead, this weekend, I chilled out so much. I spent time in the garden, a lot of time out amongst Mother Nature, and also a lot of time bundled up on the couch reading and watching TV.

As far as I am aware, psoriasis is just something I have to deal with — it's incurable so these outbreaks will always come and go. I've got a doctor's appointment coming up to check out if there's anything I can do (other than the deep breathing I have previously been advised to do) to try to prevent future outbreaks. I'm one of those people who has way too high expectations of themselves, so sitting on a couch and not being able to work is not really high up there on my ‘where I want to be’ list. I'd much rather be working, or at least doing something productive with my day.

If there's anything positive to take away from these outbreaks, it's that my body is telling me I am working too hard, and, in a way, it's a great reminder that I am putting in 110% of my effort into my work — even if it's a pretty ugly way to find out. However, no one should be physically ill from working, so it's also a vital reminder that sometimes you need to take time out for yourself to rest and recuperate. Especially coming into the silly season — keep calm everyone! Only a few weeks left until we can all unwind properly, but don't overdo it in the lead up!