My obsession with my Fitbit Blaze

I recently turned 25, and I was absolutely spoiled rotten! I was inundated with Lush bath bombs and face masks, lots of chocolate and wine, a beautiful salad bowl, gorgeous typewriter bookends, tea sets, a stunning silver and diamond bracelet (omg), and Zak got me a Fitbit Blaze. To say I'm obsessed is an understatement — as I write this it is nearly 10pm and I've only done 6000 steps for the day and I'm very upset about it.


This Fitbit does more than your average Fitbit. It not only counts my steps and tells me what my heartbeat is (which is ridiculously high to be honest), it also tracks my sleep, can track what sort of exercise I am doing, can give me easy workouts from my device, tells me when I am getting a phone call and who it's from, lets me know when I get a notification on any of my various social media channels, and allows me to set goals such as doing at least 250 steps an hour, and let's me know towards the end of that hour how many steps I need to do to meet that goal. That's only a handful of its capabilities. Can you see why I'm in love now?

Since strapping this cool-looking tracker on my wrist, I feel so in control of what I'm doing with my body. Thanks to the free app that I've downloaded to my phone, and synced with my Fitbit, I am able to track what I am eating, how much water I am drinking, how much sleep I am getting, what my resting heart rate is, and how my weight is tracking. 


It's all feeling very futuristic to me, and I do feel a little silly checking my watch at the gym and changing what track I am listening to from my wrist, but I absolutely love it!

Well, as you can see from the image at the top, I've got my work cut out for me to get to my 10,000-step target by the end of the evening, so wish me luck!