Five reasons why you should join Yarns' Book Club


Finding time in our busy lives to sit down and read a book is very difficult — the only way I have been able to get some reading time in lately is by swapping driving my car into work every day with catching public transport (now that a bus goes near my work at a perfect time). I get around 2.5 hours of reading time now, so I'm getting through books faster than I have in years!

Now that I'm reading a lot more, slowly catching up on my pile of books I've bought and left sitting on my bookshelf until I had time, I'm approaching a point where I can start reading new-release books again, and have plenty to talk about with others who are reading the same books.

So recently I set up Yarns' Book Club through Goodreads. It's going to be very relaxed. At this stage it's a nice online community where we just chat about the individual books we're reading, getting some ideas on what to read next from others. I'm considering organising actual catch-ups, but nothing strict with a set schedule or anything like that. That's something that really put me off book clubs, was the potential for stress. I don't want to be rushing through a book because there's only a week until the book club gathers to discuss it. No, I'm far more interested in just being able to relax and read at my own pace, and discuss the broader topic of books and writings. 

With all of that in mind, here are five reasons why you should join Yarns' Book Club.

Motivation to read

If for no other reason than to keep your interest in the world of literature alive and well, Yarns' Book Club will be able to do that. There's nothing like seeing what everyone else is reading to make you extend your reading list and get you excited about your next read!

Meet like-minded people

Even if you do only meet them over the web for a little while, it's so nice to be able to chat to people who share a hobby with you. This club isn't restrictive to location either, so when it's up and running well, you could be meeting people from all over New Zealand — maybe even the world one day!

You get a chance to talk about books

How many times have you tried to explain to your friends, family, partner, kids, whoever, how great a book was, or how annoyed you are with a character, and you can see them start to glaze over and lose interest in everything you're saying because they don't understand what you're talking about or going through. We understand. We're all book lovers and even if we haven't read the book, we definitely won't be bored listening to you recount what you've been through. In fact, you may just inspire us to have a read too, and then we can REALLY talk about it!

Give yourself a break

Obviously if we do end up catching up in person, the break would involve food and wine, but even if we're just online for now, if you give yourself just 20 minutes to sit down and have a chat with the group members, there's 20 minutes where you're not running around tidying the house or being frantic about all the other things going on in your life. Just take some downtime and have a chat!

If you're a writer, it'll help you

Not only will you continually improve your vocabulary, but you'll also pick up on writing techniques that you enjoy and want to try out yourself. You'll be able to get feedback from those in the group about what they're enjoying too! The more you read, the more writing styles you'll encounter, and you'll be able to start forming better writing decisions based on what you're learning and enjoying. Worth a shot right?

So, you keen to join us? Get started!