A bit of paisley, a bit of fluoro

I'm having an absolute blast pretending I'm some sort of stylist! This week's Outfit of the Week brings together a bit of paisley as well as a bit of fluoro. Yes, yes I hear you saying, “That's ridiculous, that will never work.” Well, why don't you have a cheeky peek at the outfit I've put together this week:


Isn't that just the cutest!? And you know what's even more interesting about this outfit? If you're having a day where fluorescent pink doesn't quite fit with your mood palette, this special little handbag can be flipped around to show off a completely black side. Yup, it's a reversible handbag. Fun, right?


I really love the versatility of this entire outfit — the paisley top could be buttoned up and worn with jeans, or you could pop it over a dress like I did when styling this outfit, and just pop on your favourite heels, and you're good to go!


And you know what else is great? You're recycling! Buying preloved items, instead of always purchasing brand-new clothes, means that virgin resources don't need to be used to create something for you to wear. You can save the planet and look amazing all at the same time — and this way, you're not as likely to show up to an event wearing the same thing as anyone else!

Want to know more about the paisley top or the handbag? Just click on the products below for sizing and price details!