No baddies: Skin & Tonic's fresh range of body cleanses

Body washes that smell like you could drink them? They've got to be good for you right? Well, in many situations, there can be a lot of hidden nasties within the ingredient list, but in the case of the new range of Skin & Tonic body cleanses, this isn't so. 

These beauties are created using a variety of superfoods and plenty of coconut water, all well known for their detoxing capabilities and their wonderful benefits for our skin. All of the products are free from sulfates and parabens, and you'll be very pleased to know that there are no hidden microbeads in these products. Instead of plastic microbeads, a type of seed is used in the Apple of my Eye cleanse to allow for the exfoliating mechanism.


Personally, my absolute favourite at the moment is the Apple of my Eye cleanse. I'm such an apple and kiwi girl and this cleanse features both of these in abundance, all mixed with a splash of lime. This one really reminds me of summertime — my favourite season!


There are five ‘flavours’ (remember, don't drink them), in the Skin & Tonic range, including the Apple of my Eye. The other flavours are Loco for Coco (coconut, cacao, and manuka honey), Salute to the Sun (peach, papaya, and tangerine), You Little Beauties (acai, goji, and blueberries), and Hear me Raw (watermelon, pomegranate, and cucumber). They're all absolutely stunning, and no matter what your fruit preference, there's definitely something in there for you. 


In this day and age of all things filled with chemicals to make things cheap, it happens quite often that the products that are the best for you cost the most. Yes, it's definitely worth it to fork out a little bit extra for the benefit of you and the skin you're in, but in this case you won't need to make the sacrifice, as a 400mL bottle of Skin & Tonic will set you back no more than $7.50. And guess what!? They're all made here in New Zealand, so not only are you treating your skin, you're also supporting the local economy! Woo!


If you get around to giving the Skin & Tonic range a go, make sure you let me know what you think! Just comment below, send me an email, or tag me in your Instagram shots using @yarnsnz or #yarnsnz!