How to brighten your workspace

Know that you've got so much work to do, but really struggling to actually find the motivation to get it done? Maybe your workspace just needs a spruce up to get your can-do attitude back into play. 


Personally, whenever I'm feeling completely dull and as though my creativity has disappeared out the window, I beeline it down to the local dairy and pick up a bunch of stunning flowers to put into a preloved vase I found at an opshop once upon a time. The flowers are only ever $4.90 a bunch, and that small token of brightness and beauty really makes a change to my mood and productivity. The lavender on my desk in the Yarns office at the moment was actually picked from my garden and popped into a cute little mason jar — another opshop find if I remember rightly!

Another nice touch that can really freshen up your office is a candle! With the stronger-scented variety, you don't even need to light them — you can just take the lid off and let the scent waft around your workspace, making everything just that little bit more calm and light. I tend to light my candle in my office as it has an even stronger calming aptitude. You can be working really hard, but still make it feel like you're snuggled up at home in your safe haven.


In the very first picture, you can see a coffee mug. Don't go settling for a communal mug from the staff kitchen, go out and hunt down a mug that sums you up in a cup. I go for bright and vibrant mugs. The one in the picture is part of a set of four that one of my friends got me for my birthday a couple of years ago. I use the orange one in my office away from home, and the others (blue, green, and yellow) are my home office mugs. There's something about being caffeinated from a brightly coloured mug that just seems to invite even more excitement and energy than if you were drinking your coffee out of a generic office mug.

Photos, art, quotes, pictures — anything along these lines are spectacular to keep your mood boosted. I don't have too much of that in my space — just a postcard here and a photo there — but I have a friend who made a string of butterflies and had them all over her computer and around her desk space. It was absolutely stunning and it really exuded that ‘I want to work here’ vibe. Get your craft on and see what you can create.

Last but not least — tunes. Yes, this one can be tricky if you're sharing office space quite close to other people, but maybe you could create a department playlist, or, if that doesn't seem to sound appealing to anyone else, invest in some quality headphones and bop away to your favourite songs for the entire day. If you can't be bothered creating your own playlist, that's fine — I've created one for you. Give the Yarns Creation Station a jam while you're working away ... yep, you'll find a Spice Girls song in there somewhere!

I'm always interested to see the environments in which other people are working, so remember to tag us in the pictures of your workspace on Instagram using #yarnsnz or @yarnsnz!