The road to me time: my favourite childhood memory


I have been struggling and debating for at least two weeks over which childhood memory of mine is my absolute favourite. I have so many amazing memories that it is actually impossible to select just one, but what I have realised is that all of my top memories feature the same person: Briar! There's the time when I brought home one of my dance routines from ballet, when I was about 5, and I was performing in the dining room for my parents, and Briar decides she wanted to dance too (even though she cried and hid under a table at her first-ever dance class). So Briar joined my routine, but instead of trying to imitate any of my moves, she just walked around me in circles the entire time. I'm not sure I can claim it as a memory if it's a story that's been recounted to me — seriously, who remembers stuff from when they were five?

Then there's the time that I had been playing with my Barbies for ages, and then Briar decided she wanted to play with me. Little did I know that mum had set up a camera recording us (she did this because every time we knew a camera was videoing us we'd act like idiots, so she got some great natural kids-at-play footage of us when we didn't know). So when we play back the footage there's me playing with my Barbies, Briar trying to play, and me getting my bossy on and telling her, “Go away, Briar, you can't play with my Barbies.” Yea, I was a little bitch. Similarly when Briar was literally first born and mum's focusing all the camera time on this little baby, I'm yelling from the kitchen, “Mum, look at me! I'm going to get a lemonade! Muuummmm!” But seriously, Briar was literally doing nothing but wriggling on the carpet — I was much more entertaining ...

Today I scrolled through all of our Facebook photos and Instagram photos that we have together, and have noticed that when Briar and I get together, it's like we haven't actually grown up at all. There's the crazy sing-along sessions over the Harbour Bridge or on any car ride that we go on, the bickering over who stole who's clothes (its usually me stealing Briar's),  or the going out and eating way too many dumplings than our bodies can really handle.

I had an amazing childhood, and it wouldn't have been anywhere near as fun without the little blister.