The road to me time: what makes me happy


We've reached post three (formerly day three, but I am so slack at getting here every single day) of the road to me time challenge I have set myself! You can see part one and part two by clicking the links. In post three, I'm answering the ‘what makes me happy’ question. So here we go! Family:

I have got, hands-down, the best family out. You can try and find a mother-daughter-daughter bond closer than my mum, my sister, and I, but I can guarantee you won't find a stronger one than the one my mum, Briar, and I share. Dad has always been super involved in all of our interests, and that has carried on through to his and his partner's heavy involvement (even more than Briar and I now) with the theatre company we're associated with. Mum's partner Chris has supported us both through so many life decisions, like universities to go to, jobs to look at, and all the important stuff, as well as being Briar's number-one taxi for all of her hospital and doctor appointments over the last few years. And then of course there's Zak, who listens to my daily rants about life, and puts everything into perspective when I'm getting myself into a fluster. I don't know what I would do without these pillars of strength in my life and I am so grateful to have them.


I have always been someone that enjoys being outside and going for walks through parks, and all of that, but in the last year and a bit, I have really started to appreciate just how lucky we are to have such a beautiful country, and the amazing connections we are able to make with nature. For most of my summer holidays, I spent my time exploring native forests and learning all about the New Zealand native birds we encountered. I met kaka, hihi, takahe, tieke, toutouwai, and so many other birds that I am still amazed about. I get so excited seeing a piwakawaka flying around at home, and then when you enter the bush and get kaka literally sitting right next to you, it's a completely different and amazing experience.

Couch time:

Being able to come home after a long day at work, turning on the TV and watching whatever show we're bingeing on at the time is definitely one of my happy places. Couch time isn't exclusively TV time though; it's also my colouring-in time, book-reading space, dinner-eating location, knitting location, and even my nail-painting location. Any time I sit down on the couch I know I am in for some downtime, so it always puts me in a positive mood.

And in the interest of not keeping you here all day, my final happy-maker is:

Me time:

Three days in, and I have already established I like my alone time! I'm not saying I dislike being around people — actually I'm the complete opposite. I get lonely super fast, and on the days that I know Zak is working and I am free I literally scramble to find something to do and people to see so that I know I won't be alone for an entire day! But I do enjoy some alone time. I tried to stick to a 30-day yoga challenge, which seems to be working as well as this challenge is. I'm onto day 16 and it's been nearly two months... But that time really brings me back to being centred and less work-frazzled. Even the drive home from work, as long and tedious as that is, is a period of reflection where I get to listen to my music and just put the day that's been aside until the next working day. And any time there's a new magazine in the house is a great alone time opportunity. Just absorbing new information and enlightening myself about the world around me truly makes me happy.

Next on the list is my favourite childhood memory. I'll have to get my thinking cap on for that one and hopefully bring that to you very soon!


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