What animal are you scared of?

All of them.

Yes, all of them. I went to a petting zoo type place today and I could not go near any of the animals. To start with I have been deathly afraid of dogs all of my life, even if I know them I am sure that once I am left alone with one they will turn on me and kill me.

So the first thing that happens at this place is two dogs come sprinting up to our car and guide us to where we should park - cute I know but I was NOT getting out of the car. I somehow was persuaded out so off we went.

It was ok to begin with really. Just a few cute rabbits in cages - which I was sure the mummy rabbit was going to attack me for trying to touch its babies. And some turkeys that were easy to chase away - until one nipped me on the hand for not feeding it fast enough. So now I'm scared of turkeys. 

There was a goat with massive horns that came sprinting to the fence - so I ran in the opposite direction because I was sure it would knock the fence down. 

Then somehow we found ourself in the same field with two sheep. My sister and mum were keen to keep walking through. But I turned around and left. With the big scary dog following. 

We found ourselves with three donkeys that made a load of noise. They must have been starving because all I could see was teeth. Have a look at the photo. Shows how lovely the donkeys actually are when my sister is patting it... and just how terified I am. It's sad.

So overall it was a terrifying day. And yes I am afraid of all animals it would seem.